May 13, 2015

vintage farmhouse island

One of my favorite things about my job is that I get to use one of my best skills.  
ha ha!

Seriously, when I was a senior in high school, all the parents in my class contributed photos and a little bio about their kid for a special senior book.
My parents wrote that my favorite activities were volleyball, shopping, drama (theatre), shopping, friends, shopping, and boys and shopping.
Actually, I'm not sure they put the part about boys (I hope not) but you get the idea. 

So I love that I now have a job where I am a buyer!  
Use the skills God gave ya!

A couple months ago, I had a Friday where I was on a roll for finding good stuff, and it was addictive.  I was in an area I don't normally go to, and happened on a ReStore.  
I veered off to the nearest parking spot and went in.

This was one of those cute little stores in a smaller area, and they had some great stuff.  
I wandered into the back outdoor area, and stumbled on this amazing table.

I was in love.  
Chippy paint and everything.
It was too good to pass up, but unfortunately I only had my car and would need to drive back out to pick it up. (30 minutes away)
It was worth it though.

The top was cool with the chipped paint, but in my excitement, I overlooked the true makeup of the table top. 
When I picked it up, I realized the top was actually an old door, and it was hollow core.  

There were also cut outs in the apron of the table, and when I was paying for it, the checkout person told me that the table was from a local artist who made tiles.
I'm not sure if the cut outs were part of that process, but I knew I'd have to get creative with covering them up to make it into a cute farmhouse island.

I decided to take the door off and bought some fir to re-do the top.  
I stained it in General Finishes Antique Cherry, and then nailed on the top.  

As for the apron fix, I added some thin pieces of MDF to the sides, and screwed on some vintage handles.  
They look like drawer fronts, but are just decorative.
For the smaller holes on the corners, I bought some balsa wood and wooden craft stars, and attached them over the cut outs.

Even though I liked the chippy rustic look, the white paint was a bit more tired than I wanted, so I refreshed it with Miss Mustard Seed's Ironstone milk paint.  
I sanded it back just slightly, but the brighter, fresher look helped and still retained the rustic quality.
Just one coat, and then a coat of clear Polycrylic.

So cute, right?
It's a big 7 foot long table.  I so wish I had a big kitchen that needed an island!
I brought this in to Aunt Bee's on Saturday.  
I attached a little note to it about the local history behind it.  
I always think it's fun to know the back story.

Have a great Wednesday, friends!

xo Denise

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May 11, 2015

The Farmhouse Show Spring 2015

Oh my goodness.  
It's been a nice break in a lot of ways, but it sure has been a bit strange being so absent here!
So good to be back!

I've learned that inevitably, whenever I have a vintage market coming up, it's nearly impossible for me to keep up on the website for about a week and a half before.  I just can't make the time for all the last minute prep and get photos and posts ready.
Heck, it's hard enough to plan dinner during that time.
So I've learned that's just my thing, but- add to that - I came down with the flu on take down day, and it's been a pretty long hiatus.

I'm better now, and so is the rest of the family (Hannah came down with something about the time I was getting better) so I am so ready to get back to business!

I had such a great time at The Farmhouse Show- it was so great to see so many treasures go home and talk to so many friends!
Here's a little visual recap of my space:

 I had a 10 x 20 booth, and I really like having that size.
It's amazing how quickly it shrinks though when I start bringing everything in.
It always sounds huge, but I have a small panic attack when I realize how fast it fills up.

I think I annoyed everyone around me with the amount of sighing and groaning I was doing at set up.
I just didn't know how I was going to make it all work and come together the way I wanted.

I didn't even realize how bad I sounded until a friend of mine from around the corner came over and with out saying "shut up", instead sympathetically said, I think you should go get some rest and come back tomorrow when you have a fresh eye.
Yeah.  I was annoying.

I've had a few things packed up for almost a month, so it was a little bit like Christmas opening tubs, and remembering some of the great stuff I bought awhile back!

I usually work opening night- I like to see the die hard shoppers, and see what sells out of my booth so I know what to bring in for the next morning.
The big concrete deer was one of my favorites and was sold in the first few minutes.

I had a fun vignette in the center of my booth- a bit hard to see because of all the smalls, but I had a cool galvanized metal shelf and two rustic barn doors.
They both sold.

I made a few vintage inspired signs for the show, and sold most of them.  I still have the 'Suttle Lake Cabins' and I will be taking it in to the shop this week.
Suttle Lake is one of my favorite spots here in Oregon!

I also was super excited to use these vintage columns in my booth!
I have had them on my wish list for the last three years.  It seems like every time I came across some, I was always a day late and a dollar short.
 I found them at a recent sale, and I can't tell you the lengths I went to to get them.
I am one happy girl to finally have been able to purchase some!

This little corner had lots of fun wedding items.
The salvage table (the top was a former gate) and bistro chairs all sold.

I've always loved horses, and you will frequently find little treasures at my shows and booth spaces.
I had a set of these very heavy bookends.  They almost look like little trophies.

It was so nice to be able to cut lots of fresh snowball blooms from my yard to tuck into my containers too.

This pretty bistro set was something I bought from my parents.
They recently bought a new house, and the former owner had left an amazing lot of furniture.  My parents kept what they wanted, and then I bought several pieces from them- including this set.  It was a metal bamboo style, with glass top.  It sold too.

This cute little garden deer was another of my favorites.  Both of the deer statuary that I brought I really wanted to keep, but just decided I needed to sell.
I'll probably regret that, but hopefully I will come across some again another time.

I didn't intentionally plan to have a red and white theme in my booth, but as I was packing up, I realized I had quite a bit of merchandise that ended up being that way!

The table in this picture was my absolute favorite item.
I'm hoping to give it some proper credit this week and show you the before and after.  It's a beautiful farm island with a fun bit of local history.
It was very big and heavy, so I never got any pretty shots of it at home.

I remade the top of the table, and you can see a bit of it here:

All of my bread boards got scooped up opening night.  
I think I had 6!

Everyone did an amazing job with their spaces, and I bought a few great items for myself- including a French basket and a set of adirondack chairs for $50!
If you follow me on Instagram, then you got a little preview already.  ;)

The front area of the building was filled with all kinds of rusty garden treasures, and it looked incredible.  I love that this space was opened up for more shopping- it was a great welcome into the big old church.

Again, thank you so much to everyone that came to The Farmhouse Show- it gets bigger and better every time!
Before you know it, the fall edition will be here!
If you want to plan ahead, you can mark your calendar for October 28.
  The show always runs Wednesday night through Saturday.
We're located at the Turner Tabernacle, just South of Salem in Turner, Oregon.

Have a  great week!
See you soon~

xo Denise

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Apr 17, 2015

making the most of memories....Canvas Pop giveaway

Last summer, I decided to take Hannah out for a little photo session.

She is in her last year of middle school and I know this is such a precious time. 
The next few years are going to fly by!
So we headed out and shot some pictures at some nearby locations.

There were several that I really liked- I had her bring her cello for a few of the photos, and we also went out to a field to get that dreamy, late summer day glow.
I'm still very much a novice photographer, but I was happy with what we got.  
And of course, like many of you, we had the best of intentions of getting several printed out and sent out as Christmas gifts for family, but with busy schedules, the photos just sat on the computer.

A couple weeks ago, I got an email from Canvas Pop, asking if I'd like to try them out for a canvas print.  
Yes!! Perfect timing!  
Because I had just been thinking, I better get going on getting some of these developed, or we'll never see them besides on the computer screen!

Our beautiful canvas arrived yesterday, and I was so happy with how it turned out.
My beautiful girl, just being her.  
It was packaged really well, and the print was great quality.  
Like I said, since I am still learning so much about my camera, I was worried that seeing it blown up on a large scale might show a lot of blurriness or pixelation.

The quality was fantastic.  I was truly so impressed.
Canvas Pop advertises on their website that they can take photos directly imported from Facebook or Instagram and make them into beautiful canvas prints.  
That's amazing!    
Any size, any resolution!  
So if you're the type who has lots of great photos- only on your mobile phone, you can still send it in and get a great looking canvas!

I'm already talking to my mother in law about getting some old family photos (black and white) to add to our gallery wall.

Our canvas is beautifully wrapped and has a black edge.  
It came with a wire hanger mounted on the back, and with an extra hanger hardware for installation.

The turnaround time was pretty quick- I think from the time I sent in my photo to the time it arrived on our doorstep was just about two weeks.  

The other part I liked about the Canvas Pop service is that the canvas print looks exactly like what I sent them.  I have friends who have done prints elsewhere, and when they've gotten them back they were darker or more saturated in color than the original.  
Not the case here!

I'm pretty choosy about the companies that I work with on giveaways and reviews, and if you've followed me for any length of time, you know I don't do a lot of them for that reason!
Another reason I said yes to this review and giveaway is that they have a 100% guarantee you'll love it!
So there's no worries.

With Mother's Day approaching, I'm sure lots of you can think of a mom who would love a canvas print!  
(Maybe you?)

So here's your chance~
You can either sign up for the giveaway by commenting below, or just go for it and use a nice 35% off discount code that they have created for my readers!
What do you think?

*The giveaway is for one lucky winner- a 16 x 20" canvas stretched on a .75" frame depth and includes the cost of shipping. You have up to an entire year from now to order. 
The expiration date is April 30, 2016.
 Just leave me a comment, and you're entered. 
That's it.

The giveaway starts today and ends April 30, 2015, 9:00pm PST.

I will select a winner via and announce the winner on the blog and by email.
If you have a no-reply blog account, make sure you leave an email for me to contact you with!

If you want to go ahead and order through Canvas Pop right now, you can use the discount code


it's good through April 30, 2015.  
35% off your order at Canvas Pop!

I hope you enjoy your canvas print as much as we are!
Thanks so much Canvas Pop for such great service!


xo Denise

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Apr 1, 2015

French Provincial side tables in Schloss

Remember the French Provincial dresser I showed you the other day?  
Well, there were a couple small side tables that went with it!

After not doing much painting for awhile, I've been on go mode since last week.
The dresser went down to Aunt Bee's on Sunday, and I was hoping to bring these two tables with it, but there just wasn't the time to finish them.
I had a hole in my space that needed to be filled, and so I just put a note with the dresser that there were two matching side tables that would be coming in soon.

Whenever I bring furniture down to the shop, I always post it on Craigslist as well.  It's worked out pretty well, and sometimes people who haven't been in to Aunt Bee's will find out about it because of the ad.

I got busy finishing up the side tables with a final coat of paint, distressing, and wax; and of course, before I could completely finish them, I had an interested buyer.

Monday was a fairly busy day for me, so I worked as quickly as I could to get them finished up, photographed, and down to the shop before I picked up Hannah from school.

The entire set- with the exception of the mirror- was gone by the end of the day!

This was such a nice set, and I'm glad that the person who bought it was so excited about it.

This was painted just like the dresser, in Miss Mustard Seed's Schloss.  
It chipped great, and I highlighted just the little leaf flourish on the bottom.  
I made a design decision to not highlight the feet on the tables - only on the dresser.  
I kinda liked the idea of giving the bigger piece a little 'more' than the smaller tables.

These tables were staged pretty quickly since I needed to get out the door and be back in time before the end of the school day.

I got the last bunch of daffodils from our neighbor's farm, and put them in a glass battery jar.

This jar was from the hoarder's sale a couple weekends ago.  
There were three, but someone else grabbed the other two.  Hannah helped me and got this one off of the garage shelf, and we put it into our pile.
Later when we were ready to pay, I was going to pick up the jar to take to the truck, and we saw a HUGE black spider in the bottom!  Gah!!

I was so glad it didn't decide to crawl out onto Hannah when she carried it out for me!!!
One of my brave friends who was at the sale carefully picked up the jar and dumped him out on the grass far, far away from us.
Bless her.

So now it's all clean and spider free.  
I just love these for use as giant vases or terrariums. 

I've had a couple and they are just so pretty even though they were used to house batteries!
Girls always make things prettier, don't we? 

I'm hoping to show a few more of my recent vintage finds before it gets all packed away for The Farmhouse Show!
Mark your calendars for April 29- May 2.  I'll post more details on my sidebar soon.
I'll have this and lots of other awesome items there.
Are you coming?

P.S.  I forgot to mention the little Hello sign.
Yes, I will be bringing lots of fun signs like this little guy to Farmhouse.
You guys really seem to like them.

xo Denise

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Mar 30, 2015

Ironstone milk paint side table- just for me!

I just love milk paint.  
I tell people who haven't used it before that it is part art, and part science experiment.  
Even though I've been using it for awhile now, I love that I learn something new everytime I use it!
As much as I love it, I've not kept the pieces I've painted in it.  Friends will ask, 
oh, so what do you have here that is painted in the milk paint?

 It all goes out the door and sells!  
So it was time for me to enjoy my own piece in a finish I love.

I bought this cute little side table a couple weekends ago, from Diane of Molly Mo's.
She and a couple other friends had a vintage market, and I just had to take it home.

I had a little table here before, but I wasn't loving it.  
It just worked in size, but was kinda... there.  Blah.
I was ready for a change.  
I called Jon and got measurements for the space, and this little beauty fit the bill!

 The gold tone wasn't my style, but I knew I would paint it to fit what I wanted.


I had a small amount of Miss Mustard Seed's Ironstone left from other projects, and decided that would be the best color for this room.  
I figured a couple coats would do the job.

After one coat, I came back to check on drying, and was in love with the stone washed look.
I couldn't believe how the paint changed over the gold.

It's an amazing gray tone, and with the original cream color going to a lighter shade after the coat of Ironstone, I didn't even bother to do a second coat.

Who would've ever guessed?  
It's so fun to paint over pieces in milk paint that already have a painted finish, because the results always look more authentic.
It would be interesting to layer a metallic paint under the milk paint, and see if it would react the same way...

I've also enjoyed lightening up this room for spring, and keeping a more sparse, clean mantel.

My mom and I went to Ikea a few weeks ago, and I bought the little topiaries and buckets there.
And I'm enjoying having my dad's painting up again.

Some green boxwood wreaths are now on the shutters, but my snowball bush and hydrangeas are going bonkers right now, so I'm sure some fresh flowers will be nice in here soon!
Can't wait!!

I hope you are enjoying spring and all that goes with it!
Except allergies.  Nobody enjoys that.

xo Denise

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Mar 23, 2015

French Provincial dresser in Schloss and a crystal lamp

I've had some great shopping weekends recently!
I've put a few miles on our vehicles, but it's been worth it with each trip.
It's so much fun to find great vintage pieces- big and small- and then do the research if I'm not sure on the history behind it.
You can see a few of the items I've found on my Facebook page and Instagram.

It has been a super long time since I've posted any furniture makeovers!!
Most of the items I've been buying recently only require a hose and a rag.

Tis the season for garden, rust, and crust.

But recently I bought a bunch of pieces from my parents.
They are moving to a new home and the former owner left several fabulous pieces behind.
They picked out what they wanted to keep, and then I got to choose what I would like!
There was a gorgeous French Provincial set in the guest room, and we brought it home a couple weekends ago for me to get to work on.

A few months ago I stocked up on several of Miss Mustard Seed's new European paint colors.
This one is called Schloss, and I love it.
It is a gorgeous warm gray, and I know I will be using a lot more of this color.

This bedroom set is in excellent condition, and so well made.
Everything is solid wood, and in pristine working order.
That may not sound very extraordinary, but finding vintage pieces that don't need fixing or having major flaws to cover is a rarity!

I considered leaving it as is and not painting, but the freckled wood just made it look dated.

The paint chipped in just the right amount, and I love the results.  I
 added just a bit of cream detail to highlight the feet and the detail in the center.

So pretty.

The pulls are heavy duty, and a bit dated as well with the dark brass finish.
I used Gold Leaf Rub n Buff wax to give a more elegant look to them.

One of the sales I went to a couple weekends ago was to one of my favorite areas- wine country!
Dundee, Oregon.  Oh my.  If you love wine tasting, and beautiful panoramic views,  you have to put this on the top of your list.
The sale here was in a barn and it was packed full of great vintage pieces- old tins, gorgeous vintage frames, collectibles, lamps, chandeliers....

This lamp was part of that sale.
The base is absolutely gorgeous, and only missing a few crystals.
I have some spare that I can hopefully add to this.  I got it for a great price because the switch is missing the knob and they weren't sure if it's a working lamp.
I haven't had time to look for a new knob at the hardware store, so I'm not even sure if it's working yet!

It pains me that there was a second lamp just like it that I uncovered after I had a pretty good size pile.
As it turns out, I had just enough cash to cover what I had.
gah.  Oh well.

The dresser also has a wall mirror
That I painted as well.

It's big and very heavy.
I didn't dare prop it on top or try and set it up for the photo.
When it makes it's way down to Aunt Bee's, I'll get it set up properly- but for now, you get the idea.

I have two matching end tables that have one coat of paint on them.
I was hoping to finish them up and take the whole set down later today, but with spring break, it's gonna have to wait until the end of the week.
I'll post it on my Facebook page when they're available.

How about you?  Have you tried any of the new Euro colors from the MMS line?
Which is your favorite?

xo Denise

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Mar 11, 2015

Thank you Cottage Style magazine!

When I was in my newlywed years, I started buying home decor magazines.  
I would look through the pages and admire the amazing spaces and try to use some of the inspiration in my new home.

We were dirt poor, and mostly living with hand me down furniture.  
I would look at the homes and think what an amazing compliment it would be to have your house featured in a magazine.

Fast forward 23 years.
I got a call last summer from a photography team saying that they'd like to schedule a time to come shoot our house for a spring issue magazine spread.
I about fell over.

I didn't want to jinx it and say too much about it, but it seemed like it might actually happen when they did indeed come to my house early one morning and set up all the gear and brought in buckets of  flowers to use for the shoot.

And I got to keep all those lovely flowers!

I had a couple weeks to prep our house from the time we scheduled the date to when they arrived, and it was very much like getting your home ready to sell.  

Lots of last minute prep work and cleaning to make everything look great before the big day.

And wouldn't you know it, I had a big palm that had just bit the dust, and one of our bamboo blinds broke and I had to scramble to see if it could be replaced.  
Fortunately, we didn't have to replace it-  I just fixed the broken cord.
But you get the idea. 
Lots of stuff going on fast and furious!

It was fun to see how the whole process worked, and all the tricks they use in styling.
They took some photos of our front porch, but none of those were used.  
Donna, the stylist, made some "iced tea" in a pitcher for a little vignette.  
It's too bad it didn't get used, because it was a cute set up.  

The funny thing was that the iced tea was actually Worcestershire sauce and water!
I got a kick out of that.  
It was a full day- from about 9am to 5:30pm- and I had a blast seeing the preview pics.

One of my most embarrassing moments was when they were shooting our family room, and they wanted the ceiling fan turned off.
I switched it off (it's on 24/7) and discovered that a nice thick layer of dust was still on the blades.
Ack.  Lovely.

 They took a photo of me dusting it, and now I can't find it, but it's probably just as well.

About a month and a half ago I did a phone interview for the article, and I was nervous about that, but it was really fun too.
I got to see a preview of the layout, and we chatted about what decor used in each photo, where I found  certain pieces, and how I came up with our style.

It was much more fun and laid back than I worried about!
And, I have to say that I love the write up!

The publisher sent me three copies.  
It was another crazy moment pulling it out of the envelope and leafing through - seeing our home on the pages.
It's been fun to see and read about the other homes featured in this issue as well.
All cottage style, with each person's own flair.

This has been a rare and amazing opportunity, and I don't take it for granted.

Thank you so much to my sweet friend, Amanda who suggested our home to the photographer.
Thank you Donna and Philip of Blackstone Edge for your incredible work.
Thank you to Jan for a fun and easy interview.
And thank you Cottage Style magazine for making a dream come true.

I'm still pinching myself!

xo Denise

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