Jul 14, 2015

chippy industrial cart & a quick update on life

Good morning!
It feels kinda funny posting this, because I shared it on Instagram two weeks ago, and this piece has already sold...but I know not everyone has an Instagram account, so you might not have seen this yet!

Part of that first statement will come into play later down the post, so please, read on.

This cart was a lucky find for me, and I really really wanted to find a spot here at home to use it, but there wasn't anywhere I could see it working so I took it down to Aunt Bee's House, and it sold in about a week.

If we had a larger master bath, I think it would've been great to use in there, so that's how I staged it for the blog.

I also added one of my table runners just for some visual softness and an added layer of color.

This was such a solid cart and had some great features like the locking wheels.  
It rolled very smoothly. It was used in a hospital at the turn of the century.  
Later on it was used at a local university.

I also added the French basket because it looks great with everything!
Plus, if I was using it in my home, it would be great for tucking away stuff that isn't that pretty to look at on open shelves.

I'm glad it sold quickly, and I hope the new owners are loving it!

This brings me to the update portion.
Last year, I took an online class from several well known bloggers on building your business and your brand.
I was super pumped, and ready to get serious about all aspects of my business, including blogging.
I had goals of blogging 3x a week and building it to 5x a week- all while continuing the other part of what I do.
Well, as you can see, I am still blogging sporadically, and I am still frustrated.
My question to you is do you feel like blogging is changing?  
I still see all the favorites continuing to blog, but it feels like there is a shift happening more to Instagram as a way for people to quickly look at inspiration vs. reading a blog.
I love Instagram- it's a quick way for me to check in and see beautiful photos from people who's style I like, and a quick caption or link to their blog if I want to read more.

Honestly, I can't even tell you the last time I looked at a blog post myself!
I know a lot of my followers tend to scroll through my photos rather than read the content, primarily because they tell me (whether they mean to or not) 

I enjoy blogging from the creative aspect, and I still want to build my brand, but I would love to know your thoughts.
What do you most enjoy reading or seeing here?
I feel like my home decor posts get more love than anything and it's probably what is most lacking here from a regularity stand point.

Or maybe it's just that I need to be more regular in my posting in general??

Thanks in advance,
xo Denise

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Jul 7, 2015

chippy white farm dresser

Good morning!
I hope you're enjoying summer as much as I am.  

It's part of the reason you aren't seeing me as much here on the blog ;)
Instagram seems to be a much easier way for me to keep up right now, but I really would like to get on a regular schedule here.
With Hannah heading to high school in the fall, and realizing how little time we have left to make memories while she's still at home, I am just setting my priorities differently right now.

One thing I've really enjoyed this summer that involves both memory making and work related is when Hannah goes with me to hunt down treasures.  She is a great help, and is even developing a *like* for finding her own vintage pieces.  
Not *love*, but hey, I'll take the willingness!

I picked up this gorgeous antique dresser at a local estate sale about a month ago.
It was at a farm sale, and I got there pretty late in the day so everything was really picked over.
I started off in the barn, and wasn't seeing much until my eye landed on something partially covered up under plastic and oily tools.

Except it didn't look this pretty when I took it home.
It was... dare I say... nasty?
Yeah, I think that would sum it up pretty well.
But I was excited to clean away all the grime and let the potential and beauty show through.

Pretty bad, eh?
That's a lot of dirt.

Even though it was gross, I just knew it would be beautiful in it's aged appearance.
I loved all the crackly chipped paint.

A lot of the dressers I buy, I end up replacing the hardware with something a little sparkly.  
But even these wood knobs were keepers.  
They have a limed effect that I also found charming.

Recently I've come across some great beach treasures, like the ship print and the (faux) coral.
It seemed like a good pairing with this piece, even though it came from a farm.

By the way, I didn't tell you~ I asked the lady who sold this to me if she knew the age, and she said that her family had owned the land since the mid 1800's, so.... it's pretty old!  No exact date, but based on the construction of the dresser, it's probably not too far off of that.

The ship print was one of those heart string purchases.  I probably paid way too much for it, but I really liked it, and if I end up keeping it, well I wouldn't be too sad about that.

What I love most about these kinds of pieces is that, yes, it's worn and shabby, but it's the personality of the piece that tells a story.  It's not perfect. It might have been relegated to the barn, but I rescued it, and hopefully someone else will love it and appreciate the time worn history of it like I do.

It needed a few repairs and I sealed the exterior with clear poly acrylic, but otherwise it's in it's original state.

I also added in a pretty paper to line the drawers.

A cherubic print in blue and white-  I think it adds a nice finishing touch to the interior.

It's now for sale at Aunt Bee's House, and I hope it goes to a good home!
Enjoy summer, treasure hunting, and fun memories~

xo Denise

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Jul 4, 2015

vintage farmhouse Fourth of July porch

Happy Fourth of July!
Are you ready for a fun day with family and friends?

We just got back from a camping trip.  
My husband's birthday was 2 days ago, and so we surprised him with a little getaway.  
Today we spent our morning on a family bike ride, and will head out later to a friend's house that has great views of all the fireworks in the valley!

I finally got the last bit of porch decorating this morning.
This year it kind of went up a little at a time, when I had time.

I pretty much just decorate the outside of our house for the 4th.
Since most of my interior is pastels or white, I don't want to do a major overhaul this time of year.
It's easier just to focus on the outdoors, which is what summer is all about, right?

Our front door is pretty simple.
I always add in little flags to our planters.  

It's been a great distraction the last couple weeks, since some of our flowers aren't holding up super well to all this early summer heat! 

I added the explosives box this year. 
I got it from my parents and thought it would make a great little display for my second favorite holiday!

I don't try and coordinate our flowers with the holiday.  That's also a nice little plus with using the flags.  No extra work to replant (and waste) just for the holiday.

Our porch is one of my favorite features of this house.  It's large compared to most new builds, and we use it a lot.

I added in a new outdoor rug this year, and added in some festive pillows.  

The flag is actually a 48 star flag that I picked up at an estate sale 2 years ago.  
I've been nervous to use it outside because it is so thin and fragile.  That was one of the last minute additions to our porch this year.  With the wind that we get on our hillside, I didn't want it destroyed.  I'll have to take it down soon.
It has gorgeous patina!

I finally kept a vintage watering can just for me.  
I've sold so many over the last few years, and finally decided I needed one.
The vintage Campfire marshmallow can was a fun find earlier this year.  
I knew I'd keep it for our porch.
It is the perfect summer statement!

This cute little vintage galvanized bucket was something I bought last August.  
I just love it.
It was hard to hold on to it for so long and not be able to use it, but it is one of my favorite new vintage pieces out here.

For me, a porch should be useable, and welcoming.  We love to sit on our swing and read, take naps, or visit with neighbors.
We have loved having a special neighbor boy who is 2 going on 3 discover our swing.  Whenever they come up the street to get the mail, he runs on to our porch and sits on the swing.  Then he comes over and knocks on the door and asks if Hannah is home.
It is one of my favorite memories of this house, and I'm so sad they will be moving away very soon.

Cold drinks on hot days are a must!  
We are loving the fruity raspberry tea from Tazo, and it looks very festive with some patriotic straws on our bench / coffee table.
I draped an old cutter quilt that I bought several years ago at an antique store over our swing, and added in the pillows.  The flag pillow on the right is vintage, and the one on the left is reproduction.

We made our porch into a comfy seating area with options for sitting or swinging.
Our bent twig chairs add a great rustic look to the porch and are pretty comfy with the cushions!
One of my favorite anniversary presents that Jon bought for us several years ago.

An old flag on a front porch is just a classic look, and I'm so happy to have found this one.
You can find great old flags with patina like this one, at garage sales, thrift stores, or flea markets.  Depending on the age and size, you can usually find something in your budget.

Finally, a little peek at our porch from the street view.  
I've used the bunting for several years now, and it was a very affordable option from Oriental Trading Company.  I need to start refreshing a few, as they have started to fade.  Or maybe I'll just tea stain them and have them look old?
They've held up very well for the many years we've used them, and they take a beating.
Lots of sun exposure and wind here!

Thanks so much for stopping by and I hope you and your family have a fun and safe 4th of July!

See you soon!
xo Denise

Jun 8, 2015

rustic entry way -a summer update

 I've been adding more rustic pieces into our home's decor over the last few months.
As my style in my business and my home develop, I am adding in pieces from my finds, and selling others.

I've had this little table for quite a while, and have been working on finishing up our entry way.
I finally found a mirror that felt right with the table!

A lot of the pieces I find are from pretty humble beginnings.  
My favorites are often the ones that have been relegated to the barn or shop.

I found this one the same day as our industrial farmhouse table.
Yeah, it was a good day!

This was pretty ordinary when I found it, but I saw the potential in bringing it back to life.  

After several years of a very traditional entry way rug, I finally found one that I liked, that worked with our evolving cottage look.
Our last rug was too dark and formal for the rest of the light and bright in our house.
Thank you Target.
You always come through.

Our hydrangea bushes are all going crazy with blooms right now, and I love being able to go out and cut lots of stems for bright blue bouquets.

When I bought this table, it had yellow laminate glued to the top!
Ugh.  I'm sure it was practical for a shop space, but definitely not cute!

When I go to estate and farm sales, I always look for old, weathered wood boards.
Ironically, most of what I've found hasn't come from farms!
If it's gray and weathered and has lots of character, I don't really care if it came out of a garage or in a field.

If you don't remember, our entry way used to look like this:

It's fun to change it up.

Happy Monday Friends!

xo Denise

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May 26, 2015

an antique pie cabinet and why you shouldn't junk distracted...

 Every once in awhile I will have an epic weekend of great sales and come home with a truck load of treasures.  Those are the most fun weekends, and I have to admit- it's a little bit like being a junky- I am on such a roll, I can't stop, and want to find more stops for my addiction!

A couple weekends ago, I had that kind of bonanza.  
I zig zagged my way across one area of town, and even went a little further since I'd been having such good luck.  
At my second stop, I went to a heavily advertised sale and found this:

I know.
Isn't it amazing?  
I cried just a little when I couldn't find a spot to keep it.  

It was in the basement of a gorgeous old house in one of my favorite neighborhoods.  
It was a bit of a claustrophobic sale- at times I was shoulder to shoulder with other buyers.  
I don't usually like sales like this because it is so crazy, but there was so much amazing stuff advertised with this sale, I couldn't resist. 

I found lots of other treasures here, and had several armloads to take to the truck.  
If you've been around old neighborhoods, then you probably also know that the streets can be quite narrow.  
I'd parked a couple blocks away, and needed to pull up closer to load the pie cabinet and all the other loot.  

That was quite the feat in itself. 

I managed to get close enough to the driveway to pull up for loading and spotted an acquaintance and stopped to chat with her for a second.
I had to take out the trunk extender for loading, and set it on the ground while I was talking to her.

I finished loading, and went on to two other sales.  
I was doing so well, I decided to drive out of town to another farm sale about 30 minutes away.  
That was also an amazing haul, and as I was loading up everything there, my stomach dropped to the floor.

Where was the trunk extender????

I ran back to my original parking spot thinking maybe I'd taken it off a few minutes ago.

 Did someone see me take it off and walk off with it??

I was absolutely sick.
I realized that I didn't have it when I got to the out of town sale, so I tried retracing my steps and went back to every sale I'd been at previously.

I was praying for a miracle, and at each stop along the way I was Googling the price of a replacement extender.

I ended up back at the claustrophobic sale, and as I pulled up, there it was.  
Right where I'd left it when I stopped to chat.

  I mean, seriously.  
What are the chances?

I was so happy. 
Huge sigh of relief.

I brought all the treasures home and started cleaning everything up.  
The pie cabinet didn't have anything in the door- it was just open space.
I added in the chicken wire and cleaned all the dust and cobwebs off.
It was in really good condition and wasn't even terribly dirty.

This is such a well made piece. 

Tongue and groove top.

Bead board interior.

And guess what?  
Bead board on the back as well.  
Nobody does that any more.   

I took it down to Aunt Bee's House today, and I hope it goes home with someone who appreciates the quality as much as I do.

Goodbye pie cabinet.  You were a special treasure with a story.
Always an adventure.

xo Denise

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May 13, 2015

vintage farmhouse island

One of my favorite things about my job is that I get to use one of my best skills.  
ha ha!

Seriously, when I was a senior in high school, all the parents in my class contributed photos and a little bio about their kid for a special senior book.
My parents wrote that my favorite activities were volleyball, shopping, drama (theatre), shopping, friends, shopping, and boys and shopping.
Actually, I'm not sure they put the part about boys (I hope not) but you get the idea. 

So I love that I now have a job where I am a buyer!  
Use the skills God gave ya!

A couple months ago, I had a Friday where I was on a roll for finding good stuff, and it was addictive.  I was in an area I don't normally go to, and happened on a ReStore.  
I veered off to the nearest parking spot and went in.

This was one of those cute little stores in a smaller area, and they had some great stuff.  
I wandered into the back outdoor area, and stumbled on this amazing table.

I was in love.  
Chippy paint and everything.
It was too good to pass up, but unfortunately I only had my car and would need to drive back out to pick it up. (30 minutes away)
It was worth it though.

The top was cool with the chipped paint, but in my excitement, I overlooked the true makeup of the table top. 
When I picked it up, I realized the top was actually an old door, and it was hollow core.  

There were also cut outs in the apron of the table, and when I was paying for it, the checkout person told me that the table was from a local artist who made tiles.
I'm not sure if the cut outs were part of that process, but I knew I'd have to get creative with covering them up to make it into a cute farmhouse island.

I decided to take the door off and bought some fir to re-do the top.  
I stained it in General Finishes Antique Cherry, and then nailed on the top.  

As for the apron fix, I added some thin pieces of MDF to the sides, and screwed on some vintage handles.  
They look like drawer fronts, but are just decorative.
For the smaller holes on the corners, I bought some balsa wood and wooden craft stars, and attached them over the cut outs.

Even though I liked the chippy rustic look, the white paint was a bit more tired than I wanted, so I refreshed it with Miss Mustard Seed's Ironstone milk paint.  
I sanded it back just slightly, but the brighter, fresher look helped and still retained the rustic quality.
Just one coat, and then a coat of clear Polycrylic.

So cute, right?
It's a big 7 foot long table.  I so wish I had a big kitchen that needed an island!
I brought this in to Aunt Bee's on Saturday.  
I attached a little note to it about the local history behind it.  
I always think it's fun to know the back story.

Have a great Wednesday, friends!

xo Denise

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May 11, 2015

The Farmhouse Show Spring 2015

Oh my goodness.  
It's been a nice break in a lot of ways, but it sure has been a bit strange being so absent here!
So good to be back!

I've learned that inevitably, whenever I have a vintage market coming up, it's nearly impossible for me to keep up on the website for about a week and a half before.  I just can't make the time for all the last minute prep and get photos and posts ready.
Heck, it's hard enough to plan dinner during that time.
So I've learned that's just my thing, but- add to that - I came down with the flu on take down day, and it's been a pretty long hiatus.

I'm better now, and so is the rest of the family (Hannah came down with something about the time I was getting better) so I am so ready to get back to business!

I had such a great time at The Farmhouse Show- it was so great to see so many treasures go home and talk to so many friends!
Here's a little visual recap of my space:

 I had a 10 x 20 booth, and I really like having that size.
It's amazing how quickly it shrinks though when I start bringing everything in.
It always sounds huge, but I have a small panic attack when I realize how fast it fills up.

I think I annoyed everyone around me with the amount of sighing and groaning I was doing at set up.
I just didn't know how I was going to make it all work and come together the way I wanted.

I didn't even realize how bad I sounded until a friend of mine from around the corner came over and with out saying "shut up", instead sympathetically said, I think you should go get some rest and come back tomorrow when you have a fresh eye.
Yeah.  I was annoying.

I've had a few things packed up for almost a month, so it was a little bit like Christmas opening tubs, and remembering some of the great stuff I bought awhile back!

I usually work opening night- I like to see the die hard shoppers, and see what sells out of my booth so I know what to bring in for the next morning.
The big concrete deer was one of my favorites and was sold in the first few minutes.

I had a fun vignette in the center of my booth- a bit hard to see because of all the smalls, but I had a cool galvanized metal shelf and two rustic barn doors.
They both sold.

I made a few vintage inspired signs for the show, and sold most of them.  I still have the 'Suttle Lake Cabins' and I will be taking it in to the shop this week.
Suttle Lake is one of my favorite spots here in Oregon!

I also was super excited to use these vintage columns in my booth!
I have had them on my wish list for the last three years.  It seems like every time I came across some, I was always a day late and a dollar short.
 I found them at a recent sale, and I can't tell you the lengths I went to to get them.
I am one happy girl to finally have been able to purchase some!

This little corner had lots of fun wedding items.
The salvage table (the top was a former gate) and bistro chairs all sold.

I've always loved horses, and you will frequently find little treasures at my shows and booth spaces.
I had a set of these very heavy bookends.  They almost look like little trophies.

It was so nice to be able to cut lots of fresh snowball blooms from my yard to tuck into my containers too.

This pretty bistro set was something I bought from my parents.
They recently bought a new house, and the former owner had left an amazing lot of furniture.  My parents kept what they wanted, and then I bought several pieces from them- including this set.  It was a metal bamboo style, with glass top.  It sold too.

This cute little garden deer was another of my favorites.  Both of the deer statuary that I brought I really wanted to keep, but just decided I needed to sell.
I'll probably regret that, but hopefully I will come across some again another time.

I didn't intentionally plan to have a red and white theme in my booth, but as I was packing up, I realized I had quite a bit of merchandise that ended up being that way!

The table in this picture was my absolute favorite item.
I'm hoping to give it some proper credit this week and show you the before and after.  It's a beautiful farm island with a fun bit of local history.
It was very big and heavy, so I never got any pretty shots of it at home.

I remade the top of the table, and you can see a bit of it here:

All of my bread boards got scooped up opening night.  
I think I had 6!

Everyone did an amazing job with their spaces, and I bought a few great items for myself- including a French basket and a set of adirondack chairs for $50!
If you follow me on Instagram, then you got a little preview already.  ;)

The front area of the building was filled with all kinds of rusty garden treasures, and it looked incredible.  I love that this space was opened up for more shopping- it was a great welcome into the big old church.

Again, thank you so much to everyone that came to The Farmhouse Show- it gets bigger and better every time!
Before you know it, the fall edition will be here!
If you want to plan ahead, you can mark your calendar for October 28.
  The show always runs Wednesday night through Saturday.
We're located at the Turner Tabernacle, just South of Salem in Turner, Oregon.

Have a  great week!
See you soon~

xo Denise

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