Aug 27, 2015

Molly Mo's Antique Faire - part 2

Good morning!  

I wasn't really planning on having two parts to this topic, but it was probably better than having too many photos in just one.
I will never apologize for picture heavy posts- that's what we love to see when we visit blogs- the pretty photos... am I right?

So here's part 2.  
One thing I really liked about this year's show was the addition of Friday evening early buying.
It seemed to go very smoothly, and it was a great atmosphere.
Diane, the owner of Molly Mo's, is such a wonderful host.
Since she's been in this business, she understands what it's like as a vendor, and she really takes care of us. 
All with a smile!
It's been such a privilege to be a part of this market.

This table was something I've had for awhile.  
It originally had a black wrought iron base and a table top that I built.  
The top was way too heavy and I was never happy with how it turned out, so it sat in our garage until this summer when I decided to hire Redemptive Woodworx to build a new rustic top for it.
 I love how it turned out.
Matt is a great guy that we've known for a long time.

I also painted the base white and I think it has an overall fresh and rustic feel to it.
It's a better fit to my style, and something I'd use in my own home!

I loved this little vignette.  
It's what I featured on FB and Instagram!  I sold most of what you see here.

I just loved this dresser. 
 We bought it on our anniversary.  
You read that right.  
My wonderful husband of 23 years who loves me so much, agreed to a day of junking on our anniversary.
He's a saint.  He did tell me several times how much fun the day was.
A saint I tell you.

I painted this beauty in MMS Ironstone and it chipped like crazy!  
I left the top natural.  I actually had some mercury glass knobs ready to install, but I just never had the time before or during the show. 
I dropped it off at Aunt Bee's earlier this week after a big piece sold (and the new knobs properly installed on it) and it sold in less than 24 hours.  
So this is the only photo I got of it.
Sorry about all the shadows, but I just couldn't not feature it in at least one shot!

These soda crates have a great story.  
Shortly before Molly Mo's when I was neck deep in projects, I was working on several pieces in the driveway. 
A neighbor whom I had never met before pulled over and said she was so glad she finally drove by while I was working out front! 

She asked if I would be interested in buying some vintage pieces from her since they were getting ready to downsize.
Yes please!

We made arrangements for me to meet her and go through what she had that I might like.
This was part of the purchase, along with several other great pieces I will share later.
She and her husband were so gracious and sweet, and it was just another perk of working where my work is seen.

I was really able to spread out at this year's market, and I quickly realized I needed more flat storage for all my smalls.  
Jon was able to run home mid-set up and get our garage rolling rack for additional display space.  
It was a lifesaver and worked great!

Some of you may remember a couple of these shortening cans that I had at Junk Salvation earlier this year.  I found another one (in my favorite color) from another vendor this summer and couldn't resist it.
It sold along with most of what you see here.

Jon and I made the galvanized wine barrel orbs (just to the left of the bench) and it was a fun project we put together before the show. 
We made two of them and they both sold!

One of the buyers said she and her husband were going to make it into a chandelier.  
Love hearing those kinds of stories when these items sell!

These two gorgeous vintage quilts were so unique and pretty.  They did not sell, and I'm trying to decide if I have enough wall space to display them at Aunt Bee's House, or if I should list them online.  
All but 2 of the shabby white frames sold too!

This was the first time I used my awning doors at an outdoor market, and they held up really well!  With the gusts of wind we were worried about them tipping backwards, but we figured out a way to secure them (pretty much by adding heavy weights in the window boxes at the base).

It was one of my best shows ever, and I'm already looking forward to my next fall event!

You can see upcoming event info on FB, and if you aren't in the area, you can always shop online with me on Etsy.

If there's ever something you see here on the blog that you are interested in, message me and I can let you know if it's still available and the shipping costs to get it to you.

I'm so grateful that I get to do what I love, have my family and friends be a part of it, and make money doing it.  Thank you again- from my heart- for your support of what I do!

Thanks so much for your visit!

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Aug 26, 2015

Molly Mo's Antique Faire 2015 - part 1

I had such a fun weekend at Molly Mo's!
Things went much more smoothly this year with set up and it was great spending a working weekend with my family.

I took a few iPhone photos of my space, so I could share them with you here.  I've already posted some on FB, so you may recognize a few of these. 

The weather was beautiful, and we had a bit of excitement and concern with nearby field burning going on.  Most of us who live in the Willamette Valley are used to seeing this during the month of August, but for those out of the area, there was a bit of panic seeing giant plumes of smoke that close!
Every one was safe and sound- they keep it pretty controlled.

We had an extra night to sell, and it was great!  I felt like the weekend was smooth and we just had a nice, steady stream of customers without any big bursts or lulls.

Jon took this photo for me on Saturday morning just as customers were starting to come in.

I loved my big umbrella, a bed coverlet with a tasseled fringe.
It worked great!

And I just have to point out my boots.
I am a boot girl.
During the fall and winter I live in them.
I've been wanting to treat myself to a pair of Frye harness boots,
and a few weeks ago, at one of my favorite thrift spots, I found a leather look alike pair for $15.
Um, yes.
They were so comfy, and I am looking forward to wearing them more in a month!

This was the front corner of my booth.
I sold Mary and several of the framed art pieces in the case above her.

I loved this multi drawer cabinet.
It sold opening night to another dealer.

It had been a built in, so I rebuilt a top for it.
It was a little disheartening to see it immediately getting busted off as they loaded it into their truck...
Sigh...c'est la vie.

I loved this little vignette of my newest mannequin and all the little clocks.

This rustic spool sold also- I added wheels to it and it will make a great side table for someone!

One of my favorite stories from this show was the sale of the Dunham's Cocoanut Dollhouse.
(the crate on top of the cart)  It was such an amazing and accidental find for me this year, and it's debut was at Molly Mo's.
I just knew the right buyer would fall in love with it's tattered charm as much as I did.
I was right.
An adorable couple just had to have it, and I was so happy it went home with someone who will truly appreciate it!

This metal cabinet also sold.

This was my favorite vignette - it felt very "English campaign", and I wish I could replicate it somewhere at home.
I am a bit relieved the desk didn't sell, because I am moving some pieces around here to make it work.
 It's fabulous!

I still have this beauty.
I just love how it turned out, and it's available at Aunt Bee's House.
I painted it in MMS milk paint, and it is in the color Schloss.

 This giant expanding file folder is the largest I've ever come across.
It is a beast!
They are so much fun to use as a platter display.

I still have more photos to share, but I'm going to break this into 2 posts so that it's not so lengthy.

It was a great show, and I had a wonderful time connecting with so many fun people.
You can also view more photos of Molly Mo's Antique Faire here.
Jennifer Evans of the website, Create Often took some fabulous photos of the entire show, and I was so excited to see several shots of my booth in her Part 1 post.

I'll be back tomorrow with Part 2 of my own photos!
Thanks so much for your visit today and to those of you who were able to make it to Molly Mo's!
Next year's dates are on the calendar- you can check out the FB page for the details!

A quick insert before signing off~

A huge thank you to Sara at Sadie Olive for my new look here on the blog.
I love it so much, and am so excited with how it turned out.

She was fabulous to work with, so if you've been thinking about some work for your own blog, I highly recommend her!
She was a tremendous help in clarifying my ideas, working with my existing logo, and additional upcoming media.
Her photography and style on her blog is pretty spectacular as well.
Thanks so much Sara!!

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Jul 14, 2015

chippy industrial cart & a quick update on life

Good morning!
It feels kinda funny posting this, because I shared it on Instagram two weeks ago, and this piece has already sold...but I know not everyone has an Instagram account, so you might not have seen this yet!

Part of that first statement will come into play later down the post, so please, read on.

This cart was a lucky find for me, and I really really wanted to find a spot here at home to use it, but there wasn't anywhere I could see it working so I took it down to Aunt Bee's House, and it sold in about a week.

If we had a larger master bath, I think it would've been great to use in there, so that's how I staged it for the blog.

I also added one of my table runners just for some visual softness and an added layer of color.

This was such a solid cart and had some great features like the locking wheels.  
It rolled very smoothly. It was used in a hospital at the turn of the century.  
Later on it was used at a local university.

I also added the French basket because it looks great with everything!
Plus, if I was using it in my home, it would be great for tucking away stuff that isn't that pretty to look at on open shelves.

I'm glad it sold quickly, and I hope the new owners are loving it!

This brings me to the update portion.
Last year, I took an online class from several well known bloggers on building your business and your brand.
I was super pumped, and ready to get serious about all aspects of my business, including blogging.
I had goals of blogging 3x a week and building it to 5x a week- all while continuing the other part of what I do.
Well, as you can see, I am still blogging sporadically, and I am still frustrated.
My question to you is do you feel like blogging is changing?  
I still see all the favorites continuing to blog, but it feels like there is a shift happening more to Instagram as a way for people to quickly look at inspiration vs. reading a blog.
I love Instagram- it's a quick way for me to check in and see beautiful photos from people who's style I like, and a quick caption or link to their blog if I want to read more.

Honestly, I can't even tell you the last time I looked at a blog post myself!
I know a lot of my followers tend to scroll through my photos rather than read the content, primarily because they tell me (whether they mean to or not) 

I enjoy blogging from the creative aspect, and I still want to build my brand, but I would love to know your thoughts.
What do you most enjoy reading or seeing here?
I feel like my home decor posts get more love than anything and it's probably what is most lacking here from a regularity stand point.

Or maybe it's just that I need to be more regular in my posting in general??

Thanks in advance,

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Jul 7, 2015

chippy white farm dresser

Good morning!
I hope you're enjoying summer as much as I am.  

It's part of the reason you aren't seeing me as much here on the blog ;)
Instagram seems to be a much easier way for me to keep up right now, but I really would like to get on a regular schedule here.
With Hannah heading to high school in the fall, and realizing how little time we have left to make memories while she's still at home, I am just setting my priorities differently right now.

One thing I've really enjoyed this summer that involves both memory making and work related is when Hannah goes with me to hunt down treasures.  She is a great help, and is even developing a *like* for finding her own vintage pieces.  
Not *love*, but hey, I'll take the willingness!

I picked up this gorgeous antique dresser at a local estate sale about a month ago.
It was at a farm sale, and I got there pretty late in the day so everything was really picked over.
I started off in the barn, and wasn't seeing much until my eye landed on something partially covered up under plastic and oily tools.

Except it didn't look this pretty when I took it home.
It was... dare I say... nasty?
Yeah, I think that would sum it up pretty well.
But I was excited to clean away all the grime and let the potential and beauty show through.

Pretty bad, eh?
That's a lot of dirt.

Even though it was gross, I just knew it would be beautiful in it's aged appearance.
I loved all the crackly chipped paint.

A lot of the dressers I buy, I end up replacing the hardware with something a little sparkly.  
But even these wood knobs were keepers.  
They have a limed effect that I also found charming.

Recently I've come across some great beach treasures, like the ship print and the (faux) coral.
It seemed like a good pairing with this piece, even though it came from a farm.

By the way, I didn't tell you~ I asked the lady who sold this to me if she knew the age, and she said that her family had owned the land since the mid 1800's, so.... it's pretty old!  No exact date, but based on the construction of the dresser, it's probably not too far off of that.

The ship print was one of those heart string purchases.  I probably paid way too much for it, but I really liked it, and if I end up keeping it, well I wouldn't be too sad about that.

What I love most about these kinds of pieces is that, yes, it's worn and shabby, but it's the personality of the piece that tells a story.  It's not perfect. It might have been relegated to the barn, but I rescued it, and hopefully someone else will love it and appreciate the time worn history of it like I do.

It needed a few repairs and I sealed the exterior with clear poly acrylic, but otherwise it's in it's original state.

I also added in a pretty paper to line the drawers.

A cherubic print in blue and white-  I think it adds a nice finishing touch to the interior.

It's now for sale at Aunt Bee's House, and I hope it goes to a good home!
Enjoy summer, treasure hunting, and fun memories~

xo Denise

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