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Jun 26, 2014

Adding farmhouse style to our family room

For about a month now, I've been making changes to our family room.
I'm slowly but surely figuring out what style I love, and what style truly what I want to live with.

You know what has helped me clarify my style?

It sounds so obvious, but if you're like me, and you love a variety of decor styles, your own style can get muddled.
And I felt like that's what was happening to me. 

There was one evening where I was wanting some fresh inspiration for our house, and I decided to really study my "Favorite Decor" board.

When I started that one, I didn't go into it with a ton of thought.  
It was just a board that I pinned to if something immediately spoke to me, or made me say, ooooh.
As I looked through all my pins, it instantly became obvious what I love.

Chippy furniture, warm woods, soft fabrics, white walls, and vintage accessories with a collected look.
Everything was warm, bright, and inviting. 
Little bits of European flair.

About the time I started making an effort to change the look to what I was inspired by, I went to an estate sale at a beautiful farm. 
There was tons of great stuff, and I was able to bring home this farm table.

I loved the rustic look to it.  
You could tell it had been loved on for many years.  
There were bits of newspaper glued to the top and paint splatters.  

 Maybe someone's craft table. 

After a lot of sanding, and some hemp oil, it retains the rustic charm I wanted, but still shows the patina of the table.
I lived with it in it's all wood state for awhile, and then recently painted and distressed the legs in Miss Mustard Seed's Ironstone milk paint.

We still needed a spot for our DVR and game console, so I had my dad build us a simple TV riser with openings for the technology.  
I used General Finishes wood stain in Antique Cherry.  
This is by far the best wood stain I've used, and I couldn't believe how well the color matched the old, refinished wood.
I'm so happy that we have something that functions practically but blends in with the old.
The apron drop front and basket hide all the cords.

 I've been anxious to reveal a new to us piece that is now in our family room.

This fabulous vintage cabinet that I bought from my friend Sarah of Roost Reimagined
I love the cracked paint finish and the simple shape of it.

This particular spot has undergone so many changes and makeovers, I think I've lost count.
Previously we had open shelves, and I just wanted something that I didn't have to constantly be updating and styling.

Lots of storage all hidden away!
After I had loaded this up, I was doing some cleaning on this piece and noticed a little metal tab on the front right corner that said NPR.  
I didn't really want that on there, so I carefully pulled it off, and this was revealed:

Do you see it?
Now, I'm not sure because the history that I heard on this piece from Sarah wouldn't match up to what she was told about where this came from, but....
I am so curious if I have yet another piece from Oregon State Hospital!
You might remember the dresser I got on Craigslist that came from there.
It's definitely a possibility, but who knows? 

I loaded up on some fresh cut blooms from our garden.
We have four hydrangea bushes, and I just love this time of year when I can have fresh bouquets all over the house.

I still have lots of tweaking that I want to do in here.  
I am still looking for some small salvage or vintage pieces to flank the trellis and wall basket above the TV.
I just couldn't decide what I wanted here.

It's been fun to change it up, and add more of what we love in this room.
Thanks for visiting with me today.
I'll keep you posted as things continue to evolve here!

xo Denise

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Jun 23, 2014

Chippy milk paint dresser in Linen

Happy Summer to you!
It's my favorite time of year!  

Hannah just finished up her softball season right before school got out, and one of the perks of where she played at was that there was a thrift shop two blocks away.  
Several times before her games started, (since we were there an hour before game time for warm ups) I'd head over and see if I could find anything interesting.

I sure did.  
This dresser:

I almost never have such good luck.  
And I tell ya, I was really lucky, because initially I left it there!  
And then I realized, what the heck are you doing??!  
Go back and get that thing!!
( all reality, I have a garage full of furniture, so I was trying to be good and not haul any big pieces home to add to the growing pile.....)

But this was too good to pass up.

I did a random few strokes of Eulalie's Sky as the base, and then did two coats of Linen on top
(Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint).

I did a heavy, chippy distress by using my metal scraper.

I also wanted a few crackly spots, so I also did a few spots all over the dresser with the Crackle Medium. 


 Last week, I also made my first visit into a Hobby Lobby!!
About 2 years into blogging, I kept hearing all my furniture rehab buddies talking about Hobby Lobby 50% off knobs- and they were always so stinkin cute- I was super envious.

The stores were nowhere near me, and then a few months ago a friend of mine said they were coming to Albany. 

You have to know that the 3 major cities in Oregon are Portland, Eugene, and Salem.  
In that order.

I won't complain!  
I'm just not used to a large company wanting to move to Albany for their first store in Oregon!
 I'll take it! 
It's closer than Portland or Eugene, so I'm good with it.

I replaced the wood knobs with these pretty mercury glass ones.

I was struggling to install the two that needed to go on the bow front top drawers.  
The wood front was thick, and the screw wasn't poking all the way through.
I needed something that could hold the nut while I screwed in the post.

I was about to give up, and reinstall the wood knobs on the top two drawers, when Jon suggested a tool kit he had in the garage.

It had a set of tweezers, and it worked perfectly.

The tweezers kinda reminded me of the ones you play "Operation" with.
So helpful!   
The tool kit was made by Task Force, if you are interested in finding it for yourself.  
I wish I could tell you where we got it, but it was a Christmas stocking stuffer from a family member.

The mirror on this piece is super heavy- the glass is original, but it looks like the distressing got a little acid treatment to help with the aging process, prior to my purchase.

The mirror hinges were missing, so I replaced those, thanks to House of Antique Hardware.  
 The shipping was incredibly fast!  
So awesome.

The mirror hinges were originally brass, but I toned it down a bit with some Dove Gray paint.
I may add a bit of stain to it as well to age it up a bit.

Finally, I added this little vignette to the top- featuring some of our hydrangea blooms and a vintage clock I have for sale in my Etsy shop.  
It is one of my favorite pieces!
It's super heavy, the clock works with a wind up mechanism on the back, and I love that it also looks like a trophy.

I'm absolutely loving working with this paint.
And my customers are loving it too.

I just ordered a bunch more to work with, and am looking forward to more projects!

Have a fantastic day!
xo Denise

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Jun 17, 2014

Powder room updates- French elegance

Our powder room downstairs has been getting some small elegant updates over the last week.  
I think I've only posted on this space once or twice, so here's a little progress peek!

It's a challenging space to photograph because of the tiny size and lighting issues.
Since we moved here 6 years ago, I painted the walls, stenciled a tone on tone pattern, switched out the lighting and hardware.
That's about it!

Eventually I'd like to take out the cabinet and install a sink into the farmhouse desk that we currently use for our bar.

from our Christmas house tour
I've already measured it, and it fits almost perfectly into the spot.
I might have to shave off a bit off the back to make everything flush, but that's a project down the road!

I added in this statue a couple years ago- it's very similar to one we had at our wedding near our guest book.  I bought it several years ago at a local antique store for around $20.
I've filed the cornucopia with some aqua Japanese glass floats.

We also installed the vintage lantern in here about a year ago.
I was hoping it could be hardwired in, but no such luck.

I covered up the original fixture spot with a replica French street sign that I painted.
The builder grade mirror is framed with a large vintage frame that I simply propped up on the counter.

Over the weekend I picked up some peacock feathers - I've had dried or faux flowers in here previously, but as this room has evolved I wanted something more like a 1920's French flat.

The height of these is a nice compliment to the tall mirror frame.
I swapped out a vase I had been using here and opted for an apothecary jar instead.
It is embellished with a rosary coin and vintage ribbon.

I filled the base of the apothecary jar with dried lavender.
It looks so pretty and still smells wonderful.

Over the weekend, I went to Hobby Lobby for the first time ever!!
It was overwhelming trying to take everything in, but mostly I was in search of their famous 50% off hardware knobs.
It did not disappoint.

I was buying some mercury glass knobs for a dresser makeover that is about halfway done, and while I was there, I decided to grab a couple more for a little update on our cabinet doors.
 Previously, we had some standard silver knobs, and I wanted something with some sparkle and elegance.
I'd love to paint the cabinets, but it seems like a wasted effort right now since I know that I want to put the farmhouse desk in here soon.

I think my favorite thing in our powder room is this portrait of Mademoiselle Dubois.
I had it for sale for awhile at Aunt Bee's House.
It wasn't selling, and honestly it got to the point where I knew I would be sad to let it go, so she came home with me and adds a beautiful touch to the room.

There are some surface scratches and dings, but I don't care.
I still think she's gorgeous!

Thanks for letting me show you our updates on this teeny tiny space!

We're enjoying the beginning of summer vacation, and I'm looking forward to some organizing and painting today.

See you soon.
xo Denise

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May 29, 2014

A Fiddle Leaf Fig for the dining room and some extra greenery around the house

I am really enjoying a break between shows right now.  
I decided to participate in more shows this year than any other previous year, but it's been really nice to have a little break to focus on our home and get some decorating done.

Over the weekend, I decided to add some much needed greenery to our house.  
This corner of our dining room has been needing something, and despite all efforts to fill it with a variety of objects, I finally went with a Fiddle Leaf Fig tree.

I like the fullness of the leaves, and I added in more height by being a little tricky with the basket.

I popped in a large wicker basket upside down and then put a plastic tray under the plant so the water won't leak everywhere.  I know eventually I'll need to plant the Fiddle Leaf Fig in a bigger container, but for now I'm letting the extra fill dirt I added fill in around the roots as I water.

I fell in love with the vintage hops basket I found earlier this year.  
It has migrated around the house trying to find a good spot....and here it is.

I still call it my 'Beyonce basket' because of the name printed on the side!

The peonies that were on the back deck for our Memorial Day party are now inside.  

Aren't they the prettiest pale pink?

I also redecorated the top of the hutch.  I've come across a few of these vintage wine and water jugs, and decided to add some recent finds up here.  

The 35 is one of several number cards I picked up at one of my favorite picking spots. 
They are from a military warehouse.  
Number 35 was Jon's football number.  Of course I had to keep that one!

Besides the Fiddle Leaf Fig and the peonies, I decided to add a fern to our entry way.
It needed some life over here too, and I love the romantic way the fronds spill over the edge of the urn.

I'm okay at keeping most plants alive, so here's hoping these new additions will stick around for awhile!

xo Denise

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Mar 5, 2014

Vintage mantel

This weekend I decided to play around the house with some decor.  
Honestly, my mantel has still had a bit of Christmas up since just last week!!

Our family room has been in a perpetual state of pause since the pretty aqua mirror I hung over the mantel came crashing down last fall.  
I yiyi.  
That was very traumatic.

The mirror has been stuck in the corner- all through the holidays- and only just this weekend got a new home.  
The wood frame is so soft, I have been leery of getting the hanger restrung and back up on the mantel.

Plus, I was really digging the vintage fence that I used for our Christmas mantel, so I decided to keep that up there.

I was totally inspired (and always am) by Meg's home.  
She has such a great eye and an amazing array of antiques.  
I was smitten with the way she displayed a wreath in her home, and I shamelessly copied her idea.

I took one of the monogrammed silver sugar bowls from my collection, and tied it around the wreath with some black striped French ribbon.

I've been re-evaluating my decor style over the last few months-
I love light, bright, girly stuff, but I also love the weight and warmth of wood and leather.  
I am wanting to shift a few things in our home towards a mix of those two looks.
(You can see more inspiration on my Favorite Decor board on Pinterest)

I added in a little bit of greenery with a couple elements, but kept a vintage look going with a lot of the other elements.

A couple weeks ago I shared this basket on Instagram.  

I found it at one of my favorite places, and was determined to find the perfect spot for it at home.  
Wellllll…'s been more of a challenge than I anticipated, so it's been popping up here and there. 
I'm not sure if it will stay put, but we're giving it a try in the family room.
I may add in some big branches.

I also like to believe that this was at one time Beyonce and Jay-Z's….

I'm loving our new mantel.  
A bit of fresh, without too much needing to be changed out as soon as the season is done.  
I just don't have time to do seasonal changes with everything else going on!

Thanks for your visit~ I'm glad with the buckets of rain coming down today that my only plan is to restock my Etsy shop!

Stay warm and dry!

xo Denise
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Mar 4, 2014

How to age an inexpensive statue

A couple weeks ago I was fortunate to attend an Annie Sloan workshop!
It was one of the most fun days I've had in a long time.  
I can't remember the last time I smiled that much.

My favorite technique that we learned that day was one that I couldn't wait to try out at home!

I've had this little statue in our nook for awhile.  

I love statues.  
They add an air of sophistication and antiquity to a room.  
I've never been big on pedigree though.

Most of my statues are found locally and stamped "made in Mexico".  
I'm fine with that, because I want the 'look', not bragging rights on where it was originally made.

This one is even more humble, in that it wasn't even plaster.
Plastic, in layman's terms.

Originally it was charcoal gray and I simply spray painted it in an antique white.
But lately, I've thought about aging it a bit, and this seemed like a fun technique to try it out on.

I used Annie Sloan's Old White. 
I popped it in the fridge with the lid off for about 2 1/2 - 3 hours and let it get nice and chilly.

After stirring it up, I went really heavy on the application.  
It gets pretty thick from being cold.

Since this is a smaller statue, I painted it all and then went on to the next step.  
If you were working on a larger piece, you might want to do it in sections.

Part Two involves a hair dryer.

Using the hottest setting, I held the dryer as close as possible to the wet paint, and went over it section by section.  You want to focus the heat on one area without moving it around much so it dries super fast.

See how the heat made the paint crackle?  
That's what you're going for.

Once it was dry, I got out my dark wax, and coated the entire statue.  

A chip brush worked great to get in all the crevices.

I wiped down the statue with a rag, and it was still pretty dark and streaky- but that's ok.  
Using the clear wax and my round wax brush, I went through section by section on the statue, and "erased" a lot of the heavy dark wax application.  

Adding clear wax over the dark will significantly lighten it, and buffing it out takes out a lot of the dark and adds a nice, softer patina.

The fun part about this technique, is that the cold paint and the hot heat from the dryer allows the paint to crack like aged plaster.  The dark wax highlights the beautiful patina I created by settling in to the cracks.

Sometimes a glob of paint might bubble from the heat and then you get a wet pocket that opens up while waxing.  Don't stress over it; it adds another dimension that looks like cracked plaster, or ends up being a milky wash with your dark wax.

The waxing definitely takes some time and patience on this kind of piece, but it's so much fun to discover what is happening, that it makes the process fun!
I worked on this while watching the Oscar's on Sunday night.

My $14.99 purchase from TJ Maxx, now looks like an aged plaster statue.

So cool, right?

How about you?  
Are you going to try this technique?
I'd like to do this on furniture, but want to find the right piece to try it out on!

P.S. In case you were wondering, the workshop I took was from Cheryl at The Big White Goose in Oregon City.  
She is so much fun, and a true artist at heart! 

You can look her up on Facebook to see her class offerings.

xo Denise