Mar 30, 2011

Transformations and Treasures No. 8

And we're back!
We had a nice little group of friends who linked up last week for the purse party!  So fun to see those of you who linked up.

I thought I'd give you a look at some of the treasures I've been picking up recently for the now confirmed show in a couple weeks.

I found this pretty etched bottle and dressed it up with a cameo, pearl embellished ring, and some French crinkle ribbon.  I still keep wanting to add more to it, but for now I'm letting it be.

 I found these beautiful white pieces- loving the milk glass urn! 
The longer piece is from Portugal- my heart is telling me to hold onto this one!  I think it's a tureen of some sort, but I think it needs to be on my island counter top as a planter!  :)

I have always loved cherubs.  This cute little dish with the cherub holding it up was too pretty to pass up.

This ceramic bowl was full of pretty details -and in my favorite color!
Very regal looking.  I think it would be gorgeous next to a tub holding bath salts, loofahs, or maybe filled with water and holding a single floating flower....

What treasures do you have to show us today??

A room makeover?  A stunning furniture transformation?  Or maybe some vintage treasures like mine?

Please remember, you can link up more than one item,
but if you've already linked up a post previously, share something new with us. 

Mar 29, 2011

vintage fabric pillow & my first show!

I am so excited- shortly before I was going to post today I got word that I was accepted into my first show of the year! Check that goal off the list for 2011!  Yahoo!

I was busy making this pillow last night.  My intention from the beginning was that it would be going up for sale.
Let me tell you- I am so in love with this fabric!!  I definitely will be making some for myself!
I found a vintage flat sheet at one of my favorite thrift shops, and the turquoise flowers had me instantly.  Bonus points for the lovely edging that I was able to cut off and use for embellishment.

This large lumbar pillow is super comfy.  I added the ball fringe that I absolutely adore.  I add it to so many things in my own home, because I find it so charming. 

Like I said before, I was able to use the top edge of the sheet to embellish the pillow- loving the embroidered edge and spray of flowers.  I also added some vintage buttons to it.

My plan is to also make some square pillows in the same fabric. 
I have several turquoise items that this will look great with in my space for the show!

Here's the promotional flyer that I received.  I will be posting an admission coupon on my sidebar shortly.  
This will be a super fun event in a gorgeous space!  

 If you are local, I hope to see you there!

Mar 28, 2011

Ballard Designs inspired message board

Ballard Designs has so many wonderful pieces in their catalog- I keep looking through the current one for inspiration!

I've been admiring the burlap and nail head message board for awhile now- for our office makeover.
As much as I love Ballard, I figured I could probably make my own for a lot less than the $79 asking price for the large board.

Here's how I made mine- you might find ways to tweak it yourself.
I'm really happy with the results!

This is Ballard's version and what I worked off of:

I started with some basic supplies:
foam core board
cork squares
fabric- (using my new fabric BFF, Osnaburg)
spray adhesive
staple gun
nail head trim

I went with a square shape just to keep things workable with the cork.  It was easier to cut the foam core and less messy.
I had to trim and piece the foam core a bit so the cork was to a solid backing:

I just used painter's tape since it was what I had next to my worktable.  Cover the seams completely so you don't have it flopping around.
Gluing the squares onto the foam core was the next step:

Once I had let these dry for a few minutes, I got out the spray adhesive and gave it a light coat of spray.

Then, I carefully laid out the Osnaburg onto the board.  I left a 2" seam all around the edge to wrap around to the back side.
Next, I pulled the edges slightly and stapled with my gun to give the edges a smooth, crisp look.

Once the fabric was on, I put four nails into the corners directly through the board to the wall.

The nail head trim went right over the nails to hide them. 
After I had the four corners covered, I did halfway point nail heads so they would be evenly spaced apart like this:

Once that was done, I just measured 4" between the remaining nail heads and it came out pretty evenly.
Here's what was on the wall before:

-and now with my new Ballard inspired message board:

This will now be a fun spot for photos and memorabilia for our Hollister inspired office!
My brother in law was kind enough to loan me his 1969 Hawaii license plate for the room.
I also kept one of the vintage postcards (previously framed in the before shot) and added a 1963 Hawaii travel brochure that I picked up at an antique store.
I found out that you could fly round trip to Hawaii, first class, (from the West Coast) for $338!
Wouldn't that be nice!  :)

Speaking of low cost, here's the cost breakdown of my project:
foam core board: $3.49
package of cork squares: $7.99
Osnaburg fabric 1 yard (with leftovers): $4.99/ yd.
nail head trim: $1.79 per package- I used just under one and a half packages
adhesives: I used what I had on hand with my supplies
Total $20.05

I saved almost $59 to make it myself!
I hope this inspires you to make a designer piece yourself!

Mar 23, 2011

Purse Party!

If you're looking for Transformations and Treasures, it's taking a hiatus this week for a fun theme party.
T & T will be back next Wednesday for room makeovers, home decor and thrifty finds.

This week we're having a Purse Party at Pink Postcard!

The reason behind this party is that I have lots of bloggy friends who I wanted to include in a party here- foodies, family bloggers, etc. 

This is just purely for fun- a way for us to all get to know somebody! 
And let's face it.  We're girls. 
We like to check out what each other is wearing and accessorizing with!  :)
A purse / handbag / clutch / wallet- whatever you carry is a very personal statement about you and who you are- so write up a post about your purse (or a favorite / unusual one if you carry for different outfits and occasions) and show us YOU!
Be creative!! (it was tougher than I thought, but I know you've got some creative juices in there to make this an interesting and creative post!)  You can even do this as part of a What I Wore Wednesday type post- with an outfit.
This doesn't have to be your main post of the day, just write up something to link up here, and make sure you link back so others can join in the fun.

I will leave this open through the weekend!

Here's a snoop through my purse:

I carry this one all the time.  I do have other purses, but I pretty much stick to the same thing most of the time.  Maybe for an occasion I will switch it out. 
It's an Ecco Red. 
I love it because it goes with everything and most of my outfits- dressy or casual.

My main grab in my bag is probably yours too- my wallet!  I adore it.  I get a lot of comments on it!  It's so cute, and I love the line- it's called Dumpling Dynasty.

I also have a big beach bag that is with the same art- love!! If you are curious about the wallet you can find it here.  I noticed they changed the design a bit, but so adorable.

Receipts receipts receipts!!
I seem to always have a mess of them floating around in my purse.  There's even an old grocery list and some Target coupons mixed in....

My primary lip wear... These are the ones I go to the most.  There are probably two more tubes floating around the bottom of my purse.  I typically wear neutrals or pinks.  I love the Lip Glass, but I'm really not much of a gloss girl.  I prefer lipsticks.  The glosses are always too sticky and I am always fishing out my windblown hair out of my lips!!

One thing you probably didn't know about me is that I have allergies.  Mostly seasonal- I'm allergic to tree pollens.  When I was being tested a few years ago they discovered that I also had food allergies stemming from the seasonal.  Now I can't eat Hazelnuts.  :(  Do you know how many yummy desserts and chocolates have Hazelnuts in them??!  I also had to give up fresh peaches and nectarines.  Two of my very favorites.  I carry these epipens around with me in case of a food allergy attack.
The Minimergency kit has nothing to do with health emergencies- mostly of the hygienic or fashion type!
I talked about it as one of my favorite items this past Christmas; you can also see the kits here.

A plethora of hand lotions. 
The mini Lysol spray is for when I use a public restroom that isn't smelling so fresh. I got this at the checkout line at Target. 

This tiny little measuring tape was my grandma's.  I love that I have something of hers that I carry with me everywhere.  She was a seamstress and would use it to measure things when she was out and about.  It comes in handy for measuring furniture at thrift shops.
I don't particularly enjoy carrying around all these frequent shopper cards, but I do. 
Do you?
My business cards in the mix also- I really need to get a hard case to carry them in.
These are all stored in a pocket here:

...Right next to my phone!  I don't have to dig it out from the bottom.

That's me, as defined by my bag!

Who are you?  What do you have to have with you at all times? 

Mar 22, 2011

a bicycle adventure

At Mile 19, there is an old white farmhouse that sits amidst towering Douglas Fir trees.
In front of the house is this sign:

In the three years that we've lived in our home, each spring, I see this sign.  I find it incredibly charming in it's details- the notched edges, the almost calligraphy-like aspect of the painted letters.

This Spring Break, we are enjoying the simple things.  When the sign popped up, I said to Hannah, 'wouldn't it be fun to ride our bikes over there and buy some daffodils?
Our one and only day that was scheduled for dry weather fit perfectly into our plan.

We hopped on our bikes, and set out on our adventure.
I have always loved bike riding. 
Two years ago, two days before Christmas, Hannah told us she was asking Santa for a very special present for us.  Santa was a very wise and clever man- as he always is- and clued us into Hannah's wish:
Bikes for mom and dad. 
Two days before Christmas, and all of the Christmas presents bought already.
Santa left a note that year saying that he would let the people at the bike store know that we would have bikes waiting for us in the spring.

We set off down our road, headed towards the daffodils.

Past the schoolyard filled with daisies....

...and empty farm fields. 
The Cascade mountain range still showing signs of winter.

At last we made it to the farm. 
A small bucket with a bundle of cut daffodils awaiting the next buyer.
A hand written note saying, 'Please pay by the back porch'.
I asked Hannah to hold the flowers while I put our money in the bucket.

We put them carefully in the basket for our ride home.

We were enjoying the nice weather and ride so much, we decided to take a detour through a neighborhood with a golf course.  We rode around the perimeter of the neighborhood and stopped at my favorite place- a little wooden bridge with this serene view:

We headed home, and I put our $1 purchase in a simple jar by the front door. 

I enjoy the simple things in life.

Mar 21, 2011

mirror makeover and a find from Goodwill

Yay! Spring is here!
 Spring Break is underway for us. Break always means we have fantastic sunny weather the week before or after break, and drizzle-wet-yuck during. 
No plans other than a fun activity every day with my girl.
We have a big trip planned in a few short weeks, so we're staying local for now.

Yesterday I got to work on a mirror that I purchased from a thrift shop a few weeks ago.  I loved the shape of it and it was in good condition, so I snagged it. 
I have a weakness for mirrors!  I have four in the works right now!

Here was the before.  It was pretty grody.
Lots of bits of food and sticky stuff all over it.

After giving it a thorough cleaning I went to work on it with my vintage sheet music and Mod Podge.  I had originally planned to paint it a single color, but just thought that would be too boring for this. 
I'm so glad I went with plan B.

And now:

Playing up the lines of the mirror, and the graphic nature of the sheet music really brought out the details on this.

I won't be keeping this one, although my husband likes it so much he wants to!


Last weekend I went to some tag sales with my friend Janie, and we decided to end with a trip to Goodwill. 
I haven't been having much luck there recently- can't decide if I'm just missing the good stuff, or if everyone is hanging on to their stuff for upcoming garage sale season....
Anyway, I walked away with a cart full of good stuff!  This is a good thing, because I really needed to find some things for the show I'm trying to get into, and my Etsy shop is running low on items.

I went down the framed art aisle and came across these: first I picked them up and then walked away from them, but as I continued to look, they started to whisper to me.  You know what I'm talking about?  ;)
So I went back with Janie, and asked her what she thought- the frames were very unusual, but I love turquoise, so for me it was the highlight.  She thought they were interesting, so I came home with them.
I could tell the art was good. 
I did my research, and I'm glad I got them!!

Jan Korthals was a Dutch impressionist working in both oils and pen and watercolor.
The two I picked up are prints- not originals, but even so, they aren't Goodwill prices when they sell!
Both are Italian scenes.
Do you recognize either of these?

I can't find much on these particular two, but it's fun to find out that a hidden gem was found in the aisles at Goodwill!
The framing alone is a work of art!  They both have some pretty serious scratches at the tops of the frames, but I think with some light sanding and some touch up with paint, they will look good as new.

Thanks for letting me share my project and thrifty find. 

Mar 19, 2011

quiz time! style diagnostic

I just got back in from my first spring yard cleaning. 
It's so fun to see little nests of ladybugs, buds on branches, and hear birds chirping!

Now that I'm done with my outside work, I need to get going on some projects, but what I'd really like to do is snuggle up in my giant blanket and take a nap!

Maybe you're having a lazy Saturday.  I always like little quizzes- nothing too mentally straining, and a bit of entertainment in the process.

I stumbled on this website the other day, and took the Style Quiz to see what it would reveal about my style.

"Park Avenue Cocktail"
my cohorts in this vein?
Marlene Deitrich
Audrey Hepburn
Frank Sinatra

:)  Yahoo!

Maybe your style is

Modern NW
Modern Homes Portland
English charmer


Beach Eclectic


Have fun- let me know what your style is!

Click here to go take your own Style Quiz

Stylish Home