Apr 29, 2011

my favorite Brit picks

When I was a little girl, and Princess Diana was getting married to Prince Charles, my mom and I got up in the wee hours of the morning, snuggled under blankets on the couch and sleepily, but anxiously watched the wedding ceremony.

Thanks to my DVR, I won't be getting up quite so early to watch the nuptials, but I do plan on watching them as soon as I'm up.

I thought I'd share some of my favorite items with some English flair today in honor of today's events across the pond.

Boden is one of my favorite clothing sites.  I've ordered several items from them for Hannah, (the dress in our Easter pic- if you scroll down a few posts below....) and they are always adorable and well made.  They also have women's, men's and teens.

Vintage Dress (Pear Daisy Vine)

Daisy Dress (Buttercup)

Multi Print T-shirt (Jeans Blue/Anchors)

Charlie and Lola.  

Even though it's on the Disney Channel at an hour most kids are still (or should be!) asleep, it was one of our favorites when Hannah was little.  The books are just as fun and sweet.  I love the mixed media art and humor.  "...I will not evah eat a toe mah toe!..."

My favorite tea and tea cup:

Good Earth Green Tea Lemongrass. It has a slightly sweet floral note to it.  Plus, being green tea, it's a great fat burner.  (bonus!!)  You can find Good Earth Brand at most grocery or health food stores.  If you've never been a tea drinker, these are great to try because they are very flavorful.  The tea cup is from Anthropologie.

Boots No. 7 foaming cleanser:

Gentle Foaming Face Wash

This is a gentle face wash that has a delicious light rose scent.
It cleans very well and even though I use a toner after, I rarely have any residue. I get mine from Target- it's under $10 and the bottle lasts a long time.

You may have seen these around blog land, but I'm telling you, I am totally in love with these nifty little guys.  No more ugly plate hanger wires showing!  Super easy to use and very strong. 

I am totally smitten with BethanyLorelle's Etsy shop!  Gorgeous fascinators and headbands.  I'd definitely be ordering one of these if I'd been invited to the Royal Wedding.  *sniff*

ISADORA - Feather Headband Fascinator with Vintage Jewelry Accent - One of a Kind

And what's not to love about these?
Z Gallerie is featuring their favorite items today!

Royal Decor - shop now
I hope you have a wonderful weekend- what are your favorite British expats?


  1. Hi Denise! Loved all your brit pics. Have you seen the sign that says
    It is quite funny!

  2. I still watch Charlie and Lola with my two youngest. Their accents are the best! LooooLA :) I drink English Breakfast tea... that counts for something. I'll have to try the Lemongrass. Sounds good! I guess my current crush would be the Union Jack pillows.
    Have a great weekend!
    ~M :)

  3. Loved this post! I remember watching Diana's wedding when I was a little girl with my mom as well. My fave Brit picks are on my latest post!!

  4. Hi Denise,
    Loved your post. My favorite part of the Royal Wedding was the HATS!!!

  5. Love this post! Some of the hats were a tad out there, but I love the smaller fascinators. And Kate's gown and tiara were stunning! So perfect.

    Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

    Happy Pink Saturday!

    Big TX Hugs,
    Angelic Accents

  6. My grandsons, 4 and 6, are mad for Charlie and Lola. My daughter has taped several episodes and I love watching it with them. I particularly love to hear the 4 yr. old imitate them in his pretend British accent.

  7. I adore Boden! These are great pics. I remember watching Diana get married, her dress was so huge and so gorgeous! I wonder what she would have been like today.


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